Find a thread

Find a thread to rescue you Beware Don't descend into chaos Hold on till the whirlwind subsides And the tides are ebbing For tangling into it will mean only end What if the sea washes you to a land too distant?


In the silence of the night

When the lights go off Then the armour falls Tears roll down But you have to hush the sobs Tumbling down that dark hole It hurts when you reach the end Your hands reach out for help But the pull's too strong In there whole night long Drop by drop your eyes fill the hole... Continue Reading →


When we were kids Summers were synonymous to Allahabad This small city in India Still holds my entire childhood Allahabad meant mamu's bike The comfort of ammi's wrinkled hands When the first rains arrived We would spend hours on the terrace Just getting drenched All my cousins would come too There were too many people... Continue Reading →

Are You Disappointed?

Do you still see me? Do you still exist? Does the soul survive after the body is dead? Do you visit us hiding in the morning mist? Lay down beside me in the bed? If what they say is true And you are watching me from above Then I'm afraid you are not proud And... Continue Reading →

Taste for solitude

I have acquired a taste for solitude, With only thoughts to keep me company. Lights dim and the curtains drawn, The comfort of silence has no substitute. In that quiet, the loudest thoughts strike, Some too unnerving to describe. They try to push me to the edge, But I jump willingly without a bribe. Falling... Continue Reading →

Thousand broken lives

Is it the world drowning in tears Or the wars bringing fears? Is it the forgotten humanity committing sin or the heartlessness of a man to turn himself into a jinn? What is it to remorse? Perhaps everything The crimes cannot be neglected They are the proof that the human race has been infected But... Continue Reading →

A memory

A shattering moment like a spade Etched in memory I am pretending to be undismayed What a poor accessory Trying to erase the traces But it echoes still Blur memories of faces Their voices shrill This tale is of a dark day A good morning but the evening then came Winds of melancholy then did... Continue Reading →

Sharing sorrow

I'll trace the tear drops down your cheeks Tell me your sorrows Just give me a peak I'll tell you mine If you let me speak Don't let the storm brew Let it out, spew And when it all gets too much We'll jump to happy days Tales of warm summers Of chilled evenings Of... Continue Reading →

Laziness is a curse

Thousand things to do Only a hundred days to go. A race against time, this battle I have lost before. The couch, my humble abode is an addiction I can't forgo. One step, two steps ahead Then sleep rings the doorbell And I am two hours behind.

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